Farmington Ambassador Coronation

Tuesday, June 20th, 2023 at 6:30pm

NEW!!! Bethel's Rock Church

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Farmington Ambassador Coronation

$10, A Button is needed to attend and will be sold at the event.

The Farmington Ambassador Candidate Program lasts approximately six weeks; from April to mid-June. We are a mentorship program for young women, teaching each candidate how to present their best self in all situations as they develop into young professionals. The program provides fun non-competitive opportunities for the candidates to focus on improving lifelong skills such as public speaking, interviewing, volunteerism, as well as help to improve each candidate's self-confidence and poise. Each candidate will be empowered with opportunities to grow their love for service and to make a difference in the lives of others.

Candidates are selected to become Farmington Ambassadors because they are kind and friendly girls and young women who have the ability to be positive role models. The Farmington Ambassador Program Committee focuses on giving each candidate the best experience she can have while learning and growing in her skills and confidence - and that is why the candidate program lasts for six weeks and not just a weekend.

At the coronation, a team of young women are selected from the group of candidates to serve as goodwill ambassadors to represent the City of Farmington and it's Dew Days Festival for one year. Each year the Farmington Ambassador team consists of several Ambassadors regardless of age division. All candidates selected are of equal ranking and serve as a team throughout the year of service.

Join us to welcome the NEW 2023 Farmington Ambassadors

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