Offer a Button Promo

ATTN:  Farmington Area BUSINESSES!

How would you like to have your business seen by THOUSANDS of Dew Days visitors?  

Dew Days will be selling and promoting our Dew Days Button again this year. Buttons are sold to the public for $5 ea and are required for entry into certain events (Thirsty Thursday, Bingo, Coronation, discounted drinks at the bar etc).

There is no cost for you to participate in a button offer UNLESS someone elects to redeem for your offer.  

We have 2500 buttons for sale this year!  We encourage our business partners to offer a promotion for button holders to drive traffic to your businesses and create a BUZZ around the event. Your promo can begin anytime from June 10th and can last until July 8th. ALL businesses choosing to offer a promo will have their promotion featured on our website and social media pages, and on signs around the Downtown area during Dew Days. Be sure your staff knows what you are offering for the best return!  Promotion redemptions are limited to persons with a 2023 Dew Days button.

CLICK HERE if you'd like to be included in this year's button promo.